DHARA Sansthan

“29 Years of Excellence in Community reinforcement and Partnership collaboration”

Dhara Sansthan is a registered Society under the Society Registration Act 1958, India. It was registered in 1989 with an objective to work in different sections of society to bring sustainable developments across the rural communities.

Since inception, Dhara has been actively working towards development of poor and deprived sections of society with special emphasis on Women and Child Development across their Health and Education aspects, respectively. Dhara has not only pioneered in developmental system in reaching out remote and difficult villages & hamlets but also acted as a small scale service facilitator in Education and Water resources sector.


Our core areas of social interventions essentially include:


To bring the deprived section of the society into mainstream of development through mobilization of various available scopes or resources.


To improve health outcome by increasing uptake of health services at the facilities or during outreach sessions.


To promote best sanitation and hygienic practices in the communities through demonstration & provision of sanitary facilities.

At Dhara Sansthan, we are committed to work with the underprivileged segments of society and working for their upliftment for a sustainable development. Though Dhara Sansthan is established and actively working mostly in the Western Rajasthan (i.e. Barmer and Jaisalmer Districts), our social footprints are also prominent in other districts and also in some parts of Gujarat.

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During recent years DHARA has started playing pivot role in empowerment of deprived part of community such as - dalits, women, physically challenged and children through various development services and addressed issues related to basic rights, justice etc. Also, DHARA seeks to improve the overall socio-economic status of rural communities, especially tribal areas through awareness creation and capacity building process, designed by Dhara Sansthan on the basis of current need of the rural poor.


We believe in sharing regular updates, social view-points and engaging discussions for our donors and audiences. Hence, we try to post articles, blogs etc. on regular basis under this section. We encourage you to read our blogs and share to propagate information to the masses.

CSR - a social development tool

CSR refers to ensuring the success of the business by inclusion of social and environmental considerations into a company’s operations. It means satisfying your shareholders’ and customers’ demands while also managing the expectation of other stakeholders such as employees, suppliers and the community at large.


Importance of public health programmes on hygiene and Menstrual Health

According to the UNICEF, hand washing with soap, particularly after contact with excreta, can reduce diarrhoeal diseases by over 40 per cent and respiratory infections by 30 per cent. Hand washing by birth attendants before delivery has been shown to reduce mortality rates by 19 per cent while a 4 per cent reduction in risk of death was found if mothers washed their hands prior to handling their newborns.



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