Volunteering is typically defined as an act in which an individual or organization freely gives time and labour for community service or extends support for the betterment. Individualistic volunteerism is just an unpaid job in which one makes an effort but receives nothing in return.

A fantastic volunteering experience is dependent on your ability to be an amazing volunteer.  With multi-faceted intervention, a fresh aspect and understanding will be supplied for your growth in partnership with DHARA Sansthan’s. Join us in our ongoing mission to elevate impoverished areas while immersing yourself in the rich cultural diversity provided by the options available.

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Through our programmes, you will receive unique insights into the local people’s daily life and the formidable obstacles they face on a regular basis. Furthermore, you will be able to immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of India’s rich culture and valued customs.

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To make the most of your experience, select any of the following and contact us prior to the segments expressing your interest at our official mail ID.