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“DHARA (Development of Health, Hygiene and Rural Action) is a non-profit developmental organization working since 1989 and acting for rural mass of Thar desert with a unique approach of resource development and creating community assets”

DHARA Sansthan initiated its intervention in many sectors but the core areas are Health, Nutrition, Education, Child Protection, Livelihood, Women Empowerment, Water Management and NRM. Dhara is committed to work with the underprivileged section of society by focusing for their upliftment and making them to come into mainstream society so that they lead a life of dignity and self-respect. Dhara Sansthan is working mostly in western Rajasthan (Barmer-Jaisalmer, Jalore and Jaipur Dist.) As well in Gujarat (Ahmedabad, Patan, Banaskantha, Surendranagar, Devbhumi Dwarka and Jamnagar Dist.).


Mahesh Panpalia

Chief Executive, Dhara Sansthan

Through diverse interventions and professionalism with a variety of new techniques and solutions, DHARA Sansthan has marched towards the ultimate objective of having a beneficial and lasting impact on millions of lives.

Having been on the ground since 1989, the execution and operation aspect has shined. Engaging with many stakeholders and implementing at the grassroot levels has allowed us to operate with excitement. Our vigilant and significant works on the ground has enabled us to develop people and personalities that will serve as a model for the people we serve.

Throughout the voyage, the organization has possessed a dedicated staff and professionals in addition to relentless efforts to work for the welfare of the weakest sectors of society. Our urgency has been to make productive efforts to develop leadership, break stereotypes, encourage healthy relationships amongst the work culture, connect with shareholders, and intervene to the best of our abilities to serve better with diversification and maintained culture.

Our utmost priority is to bring impactful collaborative variation in the society, community and nation for the progressive development of the future generation

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Our Board Members

Mr. Sampatraj Jain


Mr. Gauri Shankar Baheti


Mr. Mahesh Panpalia

Chief Executive

Mr. Manaram


Mr. Sonaram


Mr. Rajendra Kumar


Mr. Pradeep Pagariya


Who We Are

Our Vision

We envision for the betterment of the vulnerable section of the society through addressing their most impactful need

Our Mission

Serving in vulnerable areas of society in such a way that it has an impact on the community and nation development

Our Objectives:

Improve health outcomes by boosting utilization of health services at facilities or during outreach sessions.

To promote good sanitation and hygiene practises in communities by demonstrating and providing sanitary facilities.

To facilitate sustainable approach for conservation of natural resources resulting in provision of safe drinking water, improved agriculture practices and protection of local environment.

Harvesting of Rain water, water rejuvenation, reverse osmosis water in Improved Storage structures to provide safe, clean and optimum drinking water for the rural community.

To increase accessibility to education centre and promote quality of education.

To build professional skill of adolescents/youths through personality development & teaching soft-skills for their holistic growth.

To bring the deprived section of the society into mainstream of development through mobilization of various available scopes or resources.

To provide relief services during disaster and emergency situation.

To collaborate with local stakeholders to increase focus on prominent local developmental issues and provide technical assistance in planning process.

How we work?

At Dhara Sansthan, we are committed to improving the lives and futures of those who are marginalized. Our reach is expanded to them through ground-level engagement and partnership throughout our operational areas to create an influential community.

Being on the ground, we have been intervening for decades for what is already being done, what more can be done, and what we can do together. We also seek to thrive with a developmental familiar approach, as seen by the unforeseen situations that have impacted populations living in difficult-to-reach areas.

Our interventions enable us to produce innovations, allowing us to ensure that every individual positive consequence and is not left behind at the basic, secondary, and postsecondary levels. With our diverse techniques, we hope to establish rapport with the community.

Hamlet and Kitchen




Good Governance

Community Mobilization


We seek to integrate behavioral support, liaison, stakeholder involvement, and humanitarian mechanisms that enable individuals to access resources in an equitable manner, thereby contributing to nation-building. Our focus has been on ensuring that the contributions we make to society through best practices result in a replicable model for progress.

Where we work?

PAN India 

Currently operating in two states:

State: Rajasthan and Gujarat

Districts: Barmer, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Jalore (Rajasthan) & Ahmedabad, Banaskantha, Patan, Surendranagar, Jamnagar, Devbhumi Dwarika (Gujarat)

Annual Reports and Financial Accountability