Harit Dhara Rajasthan

Harit Dhara Rajasthan

Harit Dhara Rajasthan is an exemplary instance of the power of merging environmental sustainability with women’s empowerment. This initiative in collaboration with Stonesoup Trust aims to not only reduce the environmental impact of menstruation products, but also to provide women with the information and assets they need to make eco-friendly decisions during their periods.

It is a progressive programme that aims to usher in a green generation for around 2000 women and girls in a gram panchayat level of Barmer, while also providing sustainable livelihood options. This effort includes two critical components:

The Green Dot Centre

The first component of this programme is to train 30 women, referred to as Producers (10) and Evangelists (20), with specific roles and responsibilities. For example, 10 producers will be equipped with the production of Cloth Pads, whereas 20 Evangelists will be enhanced to organise mass awareness sessions regarding sustainable menstruation period care products, as well as demand generation for the producers’ unit.

'Gifting a Green Period'

The second phase of the programme aims to provide eco-friendly menstrual products to 2,000 women. Menstrual cups and reusable cloth pads are provided. The trained Evangelists will not only facilitate distribution but will also ensure that sustainable menstruation awareness is effectively promoted. These evangelists will guide and support women in adopting these environmentally friendly menstrual products, fostering a greener, healthier, and more sustainable future.

Summarising, the aim of this program is to generate awareness of “Sustainable Menstruation Period Care Products” and create sustainable livelihood generation by promoting SDG goals no. 3, 8, and 10.