Community RO ATM plants

Community RO Water ATM’s

29 isolated villages have launched on a journey of self-sufficiency with self-sustaining RO plants in a revolutionary drive towards sustainable water management. These inventive facilities have not only provided clean water to these people, but have also fostered a sense of empowerment among them.

A distinguishing feature of these plants is their Smart Card-enabled technology, which allows people to easily get 20 litres of clean water with a single scan. The plants run around the clock to ensure that as many people as possible benefit from this life-changing effort.

The commitment to sustainability is what distinguishes these efforts. The cash earned by the village water committee is used to cover all operational expenses, such as the operator’s salary, electricity bills, consumables, maintenance, and other incidental charges.

Recognising the significance of community awareness, the project has taken a varied strategy, including Nukkad Natak performances, health camps, and the usage of Public Announcement Systems. This collaborative initiative has not only increased awareness about the necessity of clean water, but it has also highlighted the relevance of sustainable practises within the community.

Furthermore, DHARA’s effort has provided accountability and transparency in financial transactions by incorporating technology improvements. Dhara has not only streamlined operations but also set a precedent for future sustainable projects by allowing cashless transactions using UPI at all of its units.

The success of these self-sustaining RO plants demonstrates the transforming power of community-driven projects and the transformative influence that access to clean water can have on individual lives and the collective growth of a community.