Sports Infrastructure Development

Sports Infrastructure Development

In an earnest effort to foster a culture of health and fitness amongst the youth, Dhara Sansthan has joined forces with Cairn Foundation, to uplift the sports infrastructure and promote athletic excellence in the Barmer District. With a resolute commitment to nurturing the holistic development of the region’s young minds, Dhara Sansthan is making notable strides towards empowering the youth through sports.

Recognizing the pivotal role of sports in nurturing discipline, teamwork, and resilience, Dhara Sansthan is actively facilitating the enhancement of sports facilities in selected schools across the Barmer District. Through the collaborative efforts Dhara is been able to equip these institutions with top-notch sports kits and equipment, ensuring that aspiring athletes have the necessary resources to thrive and excel in their chosen sporting endeavours.

The initiative stands as a testament to the profound impact that strategic partnerships and community-driven initiatives can have on the holistic well-being and development of the youth. By investing in sports infrastructure and providing essential resources, not just fosters a passion for sports but also instilling invaluable life skills that will benefit the youths of Barmer District for years to come.

Through this collaborative effort, Dhara Sansthan aims to ignite a passion for sports and physical well-being, paving the way for a healthier and more vibrant future for the youth of Barmer District.

The following are the infrastructure developed under the project:

  • Basketball court
  • 400m running track
  • Football court
  • Sports kits/tools
  • Sports engagements/misc.
  • Support and tournaments¬†