Corporate partnerships

We believe that corporate partnerships are not only a way to help brands meet their CSR objectives, but also create sustainable impact for our Society.

Corporate Donations

You have the opportunity to make a lump sum donation towards a specific cause that aligns with the values and objectives your company wishes to support. Dhara Sansthan is committed to addressing a diverse range of critical societal issues, including but not limited to education, child care, women empowerment, disaster management, sanitation, healthcare, natural resource management (NRM), and rural development. Our organization is dedicated to upholding and promoting human rights across all facets of our society.


When you choose to contribute, your donation will be allocated to Dhara Sansthan programs that are designed to tackle the particular cause that resonates with your company’s mission and vision. Your generous support will have a meaningful and positive impact on the individuals and communities affected by these pressing issues, furthering our collective efforts to create a more equitable and just society.

We appreciate your willingness to make a difference and invite you to partner with Dhara Sansthan in addressing the critical challenges facing our society today. Together, we can drive positive change and enhance the quality of life for those in need.