Project Details

Sustainable livelihood in Thar through capacity building and Demonstration

Activity :

DHARA SANSTHAN is thankful to RUCHI SOYA INDUSTRIES LTD.for providing a great opportunity to implement the project “Sustainable Livelihood in Thar through CapacityBuilding and Demonstration” inBarmer as CSR initiatives. Sheo block of Barmer is one of them havingAgriculture as main occupation. Due to lack of awareness and illiteracy reason,the block is still untouched for development. Agriculture standards are alsovery poor. The oddness of area can be inferred that only 18% people have accessof modern Agriculture technologies. The project was to implement fifteen demonstrationunits in Sheo Block of Barmer by Dhara Sansthan with the financial support of RuchiSoya Industries Ltd. which was started on Jun 2012. The main objective behindthis project was to make people aware about better technologies to increaseAgriculture production and earn profit.

The pilot study was done on the basis of four parameterslike impact of line sowing, improved seeds, sowing against the flow of rainwater and RML service. All these parameters would be segregated with individualfarmers. Project also was aimed to develop a seed bank of quality seeds forfuture use.

Donor Agencies :


Geo Coverage :

Sheo block of Barmer District.

Other Specifications :

The project implementation was donein the following steps:

Selectionof Manpower and selection of sites


·        Workshop/Training