Project Details


Activity :

VityaSaksharta Abhiyan (Financial Literacy Program) is a program organized by DHARASANSTHAN jointly in collaboration with IDBI Bank for the purpose of economicand financial empowerment and sustainability of the communities in the villages.The major purpose the this program is to make the villagers aware regarding thechanging economic scenario and also to empower the villagers and the village communitiesin such a manner that they could sustain their income in a planned way so thatit would prove to be helpful in the future during the time of need.


Consideringthe above mentioned issues, Dhara Sansthan has conducted awareness programs inall scheduled location. Many dignitaries marked their presence in these eventsand shared many useful practices and awareness. Like Mr. Sanjeev, Manager, IDBIBank had addressed the communities and explained them regarding the new schemesand benefits for the villagers. He also mentioned regarding the “Jan DhanYojana” by the Government. In an event Prof. B. D. Tater addressed thecommunity describing the importance of savings and sustainable expenditure wasexplained to the village community. This type of program has been carried outin 140 villages throughout Barmer.

Donor Agencies :

DHARA SANSTHAN jointly in collaboration withIDBI Bank.

Geo Coverage :

Covered 140 villages throughout Barmer District (Rajasthan)

Other Specifications :

Emphasis on "JanDhan Yojana"
Created awareness.
Introduced financial importance & terminologies.
User practices.