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Mobile Medical Van

Activity :

Mobile Medical Van

Barmeris located in desert area. Although physical infrastructures are very reach inthis area but major problem is scattered population. Due to this problem, it’svery difficult to bring the every facility to remote areas. And it was observedthat this a major reason behind the huge gap in health standard of ruralBarmer.

DHARAis well known for its excellent services in the field of Mobile Health Vaninterventions. MHV program started in 2010 onwards & till date assisted 80villages & communities of Gujarat & Rajasthan state to ensure “ACCESSQUALITY HEALTH SERVICES” in their doorsteps. Over the period, this interventionhave generated great impact in the life of poor & deprived communitiesthrough improving their livelihood & quality of life status.

Toovercome this problem a major initiative was taken by Dhara Sansthan withfinancial support of CAIRN Energy India Pvt. Ltd. The objective was “Tostrengthening the health standard and provide quality health service s inpipeline villages”.

The schedule and the timing of the MHV is fixed in theallotted villages provide by CAIRN Energy India Pvt. Ltd. running five days aweek in the village. Mobile Health Van has two components; first one is Generalhealth checkup in which a qualified MBBS doctor providing his services to thecommunity members and doing the health OPD. Second component is the Eye care inwhich an Optometrist is providing the eye care services and also providing thenecessary referral services to the needy one. Dhara Sansthan has also tied up withthe Global Eye Hospital, Raniwara (Jalore) and Netra Jyoti hospital, Barmer forcataract operations.

Donor Agencies :

CAIRNEnergy India Pvt. Ltd.

Geo Coverage :

Barmer District of Rajasthan.

Tharad District of Gujarat.

Other Specifications :

Identificationof target beneficiary will be based on the donor agency priorities. Set up ofone MHV unit can provide quality services to about 25 to 30 thousand populationapprox. in 20 villages or slums along with the objectives as:

>> Increase awareness and health seeking behaviors of community regarding different diseases


>> Providing access to diagnostic and preventive health care to villagers


>> Enhance capacity of community level health workers and health providers at SC, PHC and CHC levels to provide services.