Project Details

The Nand Ghar-Project

Activity :

The Nandghars are in line with Prime Ministerof India’s vision of social development through initiatives such as DigitalIndia, Swachh Bharat and Skilling India. The Nandghar will use state of artconstruction technology and has added benefits of round the clock electricitythrough Solar panels, e-learning in a stimulating environment, clean drinkingwater through RO purifiers and primary healthcare through mobile medical units.


Nandghar was inaugurated on 24 June 2015, bythe Union Minister of Women and Child Development, SMT Maneka Sanjay Gandhi andMr. Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta. The Nand Ghar, a first of its kind PPPmodel, in partnership with the government has potential to be a movement for aholistic approach towards child care and women empowerment. A service deliveryunit established under the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) by theGovernment of India, the Nandghar is an extension of the existing Anganwadiinitiative.


Vedantais committed to nation-building through child development and nutrition. NandGhar offers an integrated education for children in the age group of 0 - 6years, while providing nutrition and hygienic sanitation facilities. Safedrinking water, mobile health vans, nutritious meals, toilets and awareness onpractices that promote a healthy atmosphere for mother and child are some ofthe many facilities of this modern Anganwadi, as the social incubators ofeducating children and eradicating malnutrition are the most effective way tomobilize the upliftment of communities on a national scale. The other benefits,is the infrastructure of Nand Ghar, which is designed to be fire resistant,damp resistant and earthquake resistant. The prefab structure has the convenienceto be built in in less than one and half month. Clean energy for a TV and otherappliances is obtained from solar power panels that ensure the availability ofelectricity always.


The Nandghars will run as children’seducation and health centre in the morning and train women in vocational skillsin the second half. This will be a revolutionary measure to eradicatemalnutrition in children and create women entrepreneurs across India. Anestimated

25 lakh community members children willbenefit through this project each year. These centers are proposed to be run asa shared space in which 50% of the time will be devoted to children’s educationand the remaining half will support women’s skill development. ‘Building as aLearning Aid’ a concept piloted by UNICEF, which will feature learning conceptsembedded within the structure, will attempt to increase attendance of children.


The pilot functional of 50 Nandghar were donein Barmer, Rajasthan. Out of 50, Dhara Sansthan has taken responsibility tojoin hands with Vedanta to support maintenance & operations of theNandghars as per the standardized norms to bring impactful outputs. We aretransforming the conventional Anganwadi operations to the Modernized Nandgharwith interactive and smart tools. Wherein, Dhara Sansthan is working to ensureall the operational components of Nand Ghar.

Donor Agencies :

Vedanta Group.

Geo Coverage :

District: Barmer.
State: Rajasthan.

Other Specifications :

NGO Partner: DHARA Sansthan.

Target beneficiary: More than 25 lacs community Members children peryear.


A dedicated team constantly encourages the Anganwadi Workers (AWWs), Sahayikas& Asha workers for impact oriented outcomes. In addition, they also monitorthe progress and make demand based strategies for better implementation. Theresponsibility does not end with this line, but also includes the security andthe maintenance of all the aligned centres.

To generate ownership between the communities with friendly environmentwe are also conducting the “Youth Volunteering Program” with the adolescencecollege going girls for more personalized touch. The transformation from conventionalpre-schooling system to modern digitized educational system has begun to alignthe voice of “Digital India”.