Cairn Energy

Cairn, Oil & Gas vertical of Vedanta Limited combine a world-class asset portfolio with proven expertise across exploration, development and production. We deliver best-in-class production growth with one of the lowest operating costs.

CSR and sustainable development is one of the key focus areas of Cairn's business practice.
We cherish and glade about our partnership with Cairn Energy.
They have supported and actively engaged in our Social Projects as a part of their CSR programs and DHARA Santhan has executed their social projects with great impacts.


Child Line 1098

CHILDLINE is a National, 24 hour, free, emergency phone and outreach service for children in need of care and protection, counsel and for lost children, 1098 is free and common number for all over India. CHILDLINE reaches out to the most marginalized children with the aim of providing them rehabilitation and care from unsafe condition.

DHARA is Providing relief and rehabilitation in the space of shelter, medical aid, repatriation, rescue, emotional support and guidance, also providing deprived children’s information, counseling, get back to children’s home and save from exploitation through the medium of helpline.


Vedanta Limited

Vedanta Group is the only company in the natural resources sector to achieve the highest possible score across all parameters. Vedanta stands among 8 leading BSE 100 companies that attained the maximum composite disclosure score of 10.

DHARA Sansthan is happy to partner with Vedanta group and executing various social projects in and around Barmer district of Rajasthan. The NAND GHAR project is one of the flagship CSR project of Vedanta group, supported and executed by DHARA Santhan.