Our Activities

Dhara Sansthan intends to grow stronger as a social crusader to server better and better for rural communities across various levels of social developments. We believe in assessing each and every social ailment/need in detail through an extensive primary research at ground level by adopting a focus based working model. Such diagnostic studies help us understanding the microscopic concerns and then our team of social experts plan and design holistic programs to deal with such social concerns effectively.

Our Approach

DHARA follows the principles of resource development and productivity through efficient management practices, focusing on aspects of sustainable development incorporating. Therefore, it adopts a full cycle working model starting from Primary research to end value assessment.

Focus Areas

At DHARA, we keep our focus across various social attributes which can establish an inclusive and multidimensional growth in the society while bringing sustainable development in long run. The diagram depicts our key focus areas, however we are not only limited to these attributes and always ready to explore and server the communities at our best.

OUR Activities

Our core areas of social interventions essentially include:


To improve health outcome by increasing uptake of health services at the facilities or during outreach sessions.


To promote best sanitation and hygienic practices in the communities through demonstration & provision of sanitary facilities.


At Dhara, we give emphasis to increase accessibility to education centers and promote quality of education at the center.


To build professional skill of adolescents/youths through personality development & teaching soft-skills and linking them with concerned individuals and institutions.


To improve the socio-economic status of the poorest community through convergence of indigenous as well as new technology.


To bring the deprived section of the society into mainstream of development through mobilization of various available scopes or resources.


To provide relief services during disaster and emergency situation.


To collaborate with local stakeholders to increase focus on prominent local developmental issues and provide technical assistance in planning process.